About Us


About Rugby Nation


  • We exist to help grow the sport of rugby in the USA and the entire American Continent
  • As of November, 2014, we have a social media following of over 65,000, with a reach of over 2 Million on a monthly basis
  • The official birthday of Rugby in the USA was November 1st, 2014 with the match between USA Rugby Eagles vs. New Zealand All Blacks. This was the most attended rugby event in the entire American Continent, ever. A sold-out NFL American Football stadium of 61,500 attended to cheer on their favorite teams. This sent a message to the world that we are ready for pro rugby in America and want more of it now!


Our Goal:


Our goal is to create a cause bigger than ourselves, to grow the sport of Rugby in the USA to a Tier 1 Rugby Nation status – Alone we are nothing. Together we can put a dent in the universe and create a reality that matches our passion for the sport. Once we achieve our goals, we can die buried under our favorite try line, and a rugby ball in hand (with the Rugby Nation logo printed on it of course). Then we can start all over again, making Rugby the official Sport of the Gods. No better way to go!


The Cause Bigger Than Us:


1. Growing the sport in the USA to the highest levels of competition in the world by:

A. Creating new converts every year…we mean fans and players. This will generate more passion for the sport, create more school rugby programs, fill up more stadium seats, and attract more sponsors.

B. Becoming a well-respected and true contender Tier One Rugby Nation capable of competing on the world’s biggest stages of the sport.

C. Winning Olympic Gold in Rio, Brazil 2016

2. RugbyNation.com to become the #1 social network for rugby fans, teams, and players.

3. Make new friends: Let’s face it. Life is sweeter mingling and flingling (just made up this word) with like-minded people who have the same passion for the sport of Rugby.


Did you know Rugby is now one of the fastest growing sport in the USA? And, that according to the IRB, during the last international World Cup Championships they received a cumulative television audience of over 4.2 Billion? Funny how they padded that number (we think they counted each eyeball on each person’s face as two views), but it sounds good, and even if half that…it is a huge audience.


So, what are you waiting for? Join the largest sports revolution in history for the sport of rugby, or leave and join a powder-puff flag-football coed team. Your choice!


About The Founder


Built tough with 100% pure passion for the sport of Rugby by Mike Alvarez, former collegiate player and die-hard rugby fan.


At a personal time of self-discovery I was reading the Autobiography of Steve Jobs, a man who exemplifies and exudes passion, a man who lived and worked his passions every day of his life. Half way through the book it hit me that I have rarely worked mostly for passion for a project, cause or business, but mostly because I thought it was a great opportunity or it made money.


As I put my mind to figure out what I was really passionate about, it hit me like a 300 Lb. rugby player coming at me full speed, while sitting in the UNLV Stadium watching the 2012 IRB Las Vegas Sevens World Rugby international rugby tournament. My passion is, and always has been, rugby. I played it, I get most excited about that sport than anything else, and of course I secretly wish I were as cool as Carlin Isles (fastest rugby player in the world) or Todd Clever (“Captain America,” Captain of the USA Eagles15’s rugby team) right about now.


But, I don’t just want to follow my passion…I want to put a dent in the universe by creating something bigger than myself, and bigger than anything most won’t dare imagine.


RugbyNation.com is the result of the vision I had that day of what I want to do the rest of my life, and how together we can enrich the life of others with similar passions.


Mike’s Goals:

  1. Grow the sport in the US play at the highest levels of competition in the world
  2. Make RugbyNation.com the #1 social network for rugby fans
  3. Make friends who share similar passions


Join me. Join the revolution! Be part of something big and exciting.


How To Start

Share RugbyNation.com with everyone you know on all your social networks. Attend and support your local and national teams. Click the “Register” at the top of this page and start contributing with the Rugby Nation community.