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Content from passionate Rugby fans? Definitely!

We will soon be opening the site for free for you to be able to contibute your own content inside of You will be able to add pictures, videos, and voice your opinion on the teams you follow. And, easier than scoring a try against New Zealand, everything you post here will automatically post to the social networks you area already using today.

Apply today and stop your excuses as to why the TV or referees never listen to your rants. You never know, you may even become famous. Yeah right! Who can add content? Anyone! Will I really become famous? Well, if your name is Sid Going, definitely. If not, you will have to post creatively and often, then yes…you may. You definitely have more of a shot at generating a larger following by joining us than alone. Who should add content?

  1. Any rugby fan anywhere in the world
  2. Bloggers
  3. Coaches
  4. Players
  5. Fans
  6. Ruggers – former players
  7. Olympic hopeful superstars
  8. Pro, club, collegiate, city leagues and team representatives

Let’s face it. If you tell your friends and family that you are a blogger for, don’t you think they will think you are legit? At least for a few minutes? Worth a shot!


Our goal is to create a cause bigger than ourselves – Alone we are nothing. Together we can conquer the world and create a reality that matches our. Once we achieve our goal, we can die buried under our favorite try line, and a rugby ball in hand (with the Rugby Nation logo printed on it of course). Then we can start all over again, making Rugby the official Sport of the Gods. No better way to go!

So, what are you waiting for? Join the largest sports revolution in history, or leave and join a powder-puff flag-football coed team. Your choice!


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The Cause Bigger Than Us:

1. to become the #1 rugby news and social media source in the world: We will accomplish this by aggregating as much rugby news, instant blogs and posts by fans, coaches, and players around the globe, to stream it through

2.     Grow the sport around the world: Spread the gospel of the sport of rugby around the world. Let’s face it. It is a big sport in only part of the world. There are many countries where people don’t know it, or have heard of it and are curious but just don’t know the rules or understand it when they watch it. We will do this by selling Rugby Nation™ swagga’ and implementing a “giving back” program. Not only will you look like a million bucks with our killer clothing, accessories, and equipment, but you will also help to support the greater cause. A percentage of all proceeds from sales will go towards this cause. We have fun plans for the “giving back” program. Follow us and we’ll post the stories of how we spent the funds and how it helped to promote the cause.

3.     Support US players: Since this is a US-based-website, and the sport of Rugby is relatively new here, our goal is to also do our part to develop and convert a lot more fans and recruit more players, for the purpose of:

a. Creating thousands of new converts every year…we mean fans. This will generate more passion for the sport, create more school rugby programs, fill up more stadium seats, and attract more sponsors.

b. Becoming a well-respected and true contender Tier One Rugby Nation capable of competing on the world’s biggest stages of the sport.

c. Winning Olympic Gold in Rio, Brazil 2016

4.     Make new friends: Let’s face it. Life is sweeter mingling and flingling (just made up this word) with like-minded people who have the same passion for the sport of Rugby.


Did you know Rugby is now one of the fastest growing sport in the US? And, that according to the IRB, during the last international World Cup Championships they received a cumulative television audience of over 4.2 Billion?