Pro Rugby Players Get Involved In Fundraiser


Hi guys I’m meg an and this blog is all about the rugby fundraiser that I am doing to raise money for young minds, a mental health charity that supports young people who suffer with a mental illness. I myself suffer from anxiety and so I know how important the charity is to help raise awareness for mental illness.

I have a just giving page where people can donate to my fundraiser¬† we are nearly at ¬£300. I have also been in contact with a few rugby players on twitter who have given some pieces or me to auction off, theses haven’t arrived yet but when they do I will be putting them up on my twitter @meganpaige269 and the highest bidder will win. Suffering with anxiety and social anxiety is really difficult for me I have daily things that I have to deal with. I can have anxiety/panic attacks at rugby matches although it’s only ever happened once, with my social anxiety I am extremely shy and am very conscious of what others think of me. But my family, friends and twitter followers have really helped me there all so kind and it really warms my heart and reassures me that there are still good people in the world.

Thankyou for reading I hope you enjoyed if you have any questions please visit my twitter and I hope you can help with my fundraiser. Thank you. Lots of love megan xx.