Rugby World Cup 2015: Organisers Overwhelmed!


The organizers of the Rugby World Cup 2015 that is being held in England are overwhelmed by the number of volunteer applications ahead of the tournament.

Over 20,000 people have apllied to volunteer their time for the World Cup although there are only 6,000 posts. Successful applicants will be charged with meeting and greeting fans at the 13 venues that will be used for the tournament. The aspirant volunteers were led to a passport control-style counter to have photographs taken for ID badges and their identities checked. Applicants were then left to explore an exhibition of rugby trivia and memorabilia, including the Webb Ellis Cup, before being treated to a film show featuring a pep talk from Jonny Wilkinson. After a full immersion in rugby culture, hopefuls had a friendly but thorough interview with a veteran volunteer who then determines their suitability for what can be a demanding role.

Organizers believe that he London Olympics in 2012 affected the number of applications for the World Cup.

In fact, one applicant said, “that while many applicants already volunteer their time elsewhere, a surprising number of young people inspired by the Olympic Games have applied for the World Cup.

Such a passion and a demand to volunteer time for the World Cup suggests that the atmosphere at the World Cup, especially the patriotism from the England will be spectacular , Twickenham and the other venues will a bretahtaking place to be next year as well as a great place to watch some great rugby. We are in for a treat!