There Is Nothing Like The Las Vegas Pro Rugby Sevens Tournament


The Post Sevens Blues


For the past five years I have been lucky enough to go to Vegas for the International Rugby Sevens. This year I didn’t make it, for various boring reasons, namely financial ones; and, weirdly, I am still bitter about it. I feel like I missed out. I did miss out. There is nothing like a Sevens tournament to give a non-player like me a passion for the game; for the ethos, soul and spirit of rugby. The first time I went there with my husband and some of his rugby club friends, I rather stupidly didn’t go to any of the games. I made the mistake of thinking that a whole day of rugby would be boring. Wrong. There is nothing boring about this tournament; from the beer-swigging, often dressed-up, always good-natured crowd, to the bursts of sing-a-long tunes between games, and the short, intense and entertaining games, there is a lot of fun to be had. This I discovered on my second trip – when I did make the effort to go to the stadium, and I enjoyed every second – even if I don’t remember all of it. A lot of brain cells may have died on that trip.

The next time I went to the Vegas Sevens, I took the kids. A weird decision maybe to some people, but one I don’t regret. It actually was a great family day out! My son at the time was starting to appreciate the other side of rugby – the social side – and he loved it. He appreciated the buzzing atmosphere and the sense of shared passion at the stadium. I don’t think it’s wrong to give your 14 year old a taste of the fun stuff. After all, I do believe that the social side of rugby is an incentive to remain committed to it. Two years later, he is still loving the sport and his school team has been invited to the Sanix competition in Japan next year (the only school selected from Canada).¬†Point made. I really am a great parent!

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