United in Rugby


As a young boy I started playing rugby at a local club in Scotland. I had a passion to play rugby as much as possible and found myself in multiple national training development squads. However at the age of 15 I never really found the correct team and struggled with getting enough numbers to even get a team. This resulted in many years of playing friendlies and “non-competitive” games. I found myself at a stage where it seemed inevitable that I was likely to have to give up on playing competitive rugby. However in my last year of High School (aged 17)  I turned to rugby coaching. This gave me the opportunity to become a qualified rugby coach and I was able to manage younger teams and set up fixtures for them. In the year of being a coach I was able to strengthen the squad from 18 players to 25. The pupils seemed to enjoy what I was teaching them and brought along their friends too! It was great to see more kids becoming actively involved in the rugby community. I have now left school and ready to embark on the next part of my journey.

In September I will be leaving for the biggest experience of my life so far. I am travelling to Ghana to volunteer teaching local children in schools in the Volta region through an educational charity called “Project Trust”. I am teaching in a small school with 60 pupils for a whole year! As daunting as the sounds I am filled with enthusiasm and excitement that I can go over and make some form of difference to these disadvantaged children. The children are all from a poor area and education is a luxury to them. As rugby is a big passion in my life I would love to bring my knowledge and experience of rugby to Ghana and set up a well established rugby team and be able to host a range of tournaments with the children and nearby villages.

In order to go to Ghana I have and currently now raising money to go across. I have to raise £5600 which will cover my accommodation, flights, food and medical injections as well as help pay for school supplies etc. I would love to take over rugby equipment (balls, cones, bibs) but as a poor teenager I cannot afford to buy it on top of my fundraising. I guess you could say this is a plea to anyone who would be willing to donate any equipment that I could take over to the children.  For them anything is better than nothing. Whilst I am in Ghana I will be blogging for RugbyNation.com and will be able to tell my story of how I will have taken rugby to a rural school in Ghana. Thank you for your time and patience to read this and I am more than willing to answer any questions about my travels so send me an Email!