Utah Rugby 5K Fun Run a success in inaugural race


While Utah Rugby was away this weekend, runners were joined by family, friends, and fans of the team who flocked to the First Annual Utah Rugby 5K Fun Run “How Short are Your Shorts?” at Sugarhouse Park on Saturday.

The race kicked off at 9am, with runners and walkers taking two laps around the park for the course. First and second place male runners were Ross Marabella (17:51)  and Drew Richards (21:33), who were closely followed by Megan Richards (22:40) and Susan Taylor (23:17) who were respectively the first and second place female runners.

Sporting sparkling blue shorts and neon, stripped socks, Amy Carpetner won the Best Shorts Award.

Once again, a big thanks to all those who came out to support Utah Rugby at the 5K. Our success would not be possible without you!