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Huge Rugby Free Giveaway

Two Prizes In One!

1) An Official All Blacks Jersey For You

2) An All Blacks Workout Shirt For Your Rugby Buddy

This prize is custom-made for those of you who breathe, eat, & bleed RUGBY every day of your lives.

How sick is this free giveaway promotion?!?! Not only do you get an incredible prize for you, but you get to give away the second prize to your best rugby friend.


As in all things Rugby, they are best shared with friends.

Feel The Power Of The All Blacks Jersey!

How to win:


1) Click on this link to retweet this Twitter post

2) You must be a follower of & 

3) Wait for announcement of winner


1) Go to this Instagram post, Favorite it, then take a screenshot and post it to your Instagram followers with these tags:






2) You must be a follower of &

3) Wait for announcement of winner


Who Can Participate?

Anyone in the world. will ship the jersey and workout shirt anywhere in the world where the winer resides. It is then up to you to give your buddy his or her shirt, if he can pry it out of your hands.


Boring contest details:

-About our sponsor:

-Only a single All Blacks rugby jersey and a single workout tee shirt are part of this promotion

-We will randomly choose a winner from the Twitter retweets and Instagram posts. Once we have the Instagram and Twitter finalists, we will flip a coin to pick the final single winner from the two

-How can you double your chances of winning? Make sure you enter the contest through both Instagram and Twitter, as described above is the sponsor of the contest. They have agreed to give away a single jersey and a single shirt, and ship both to a single winner, anywhere in the world. Rugby Nation is advertising the promotion.

-If you are chosen as the winner, and don’t respond within a couple of days, or don’t provide a valid address to ship it to, we will choose another.

-And, of course! You must post a selfie with it on and share! Yeah! Make all your rugby friends jealous for life!

Winner Announced Oct 24, 2014

Check Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for official announcement:

Winner Of #AllBlacks Jersey & Shirt Is @Sprottster73 Enjoy! Thank you @HugeRugby & @RugbyNation

All Blacks Jersey Winner Matthew Sprott

All Blacks Jersey Winner Matthew Sprott