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Free Athlete Home Training Program + Nutrition Guidelines

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Mollie Martin, Ryan Gallop & Todd Clever have come to me asking what they can do to help the Rugby Nation community while everyone is stuck at home during this tough global situation.

Please download this free program & share with friends. All we ask is that you share this link RugbyNation.com/HomeTraining on your social media so your friends can do these workouts with you and if you want us to feature your videos doing these exercises at home just tag @rugbynation on Instagram.

With the recent events that are impacting people around the globe, we felt obligated to utilize our reach/resources to help out the Rugby Nation Family. 

As we see it there are 2 current truths: 1. As a global community, we WILL persevere through this, and normalcy (namely our beautiful game of Rugby) will eventually return. 2. The #1 recommended way to maintain/boost your immune system is to stay STRONG! Based on these truths, we are offering our followers/fans this FREE program on how to stay fit and strong in the safety of your own home, with zero equipment.

We are all in this together and feeling the pain of:

-Loss of jobs

-Loss of income


-Social distancing

-Most businesses are closed

-Most gyms are closed

-And...no teams are playing rugby!

Stay safe! Stay healthy! Stay STRONG! Please let us know how you like this program.

Let us know where to send your free athlete home training program & nutritional guidelines.

Mike Alvarez



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