• Mike Alvarez

New Rugby Nation Strength & Conditioning Program Launch Created By Pro Rugby Players & Trainers

Today we are re-launching RugbyX, our flagship Strength & Conditioning Program for Rugby Players & Athletes.

This is a first-of-its-kind with programs broken out into sections by pre-season, in-season and post-season trainings.

Proven By The Pros! This Training Program Is Made To Increase Your Strength, Power & Speed So You Can Plow Through & Accelerate Past Your Toughest Opponents. 💪 💨


Weekly Training Workout Plans Including...

Offesason Training

-Offseason - Foundational

-Offseason - Intermediate

-Offseason - Advanced

Preseason Training

-Preseason - Hypertrophy - Lower Body

-Preseason - Hypertrophy - Upper Body

-Preseason - Hypertrophy - Maximum Strength - Speed Training - Linear Field Day

-Preseason - Hypertrophy - Maximum Strength - Speed Training - Multi-Direction Field Day

-Preseason - Hypertrophy - Maximum Strength - Lower Body

-Preseason - Hypertrophy - Maximum Strength - Upper Body

-Preseason - Hypertrophy - Maximum Strength - Full Body

-Preseason - Maximum Power - Speed Training - Maximum Velocity Field Session

-Preseason - Maximum Power - Lower Body

-Preseason - Maximum Power - Upper Body

-Preseason - Maximum Power - Total Body

-Preseason - Maximum Power - Speed Training - Speed Repeatability Field Session

Inseason Training

-Inseason - Maximum Strength

-Inseason - Hypertrophy

-Inseason - Maximum Power

🤯 For A Limited Time - Order Today & We Will Throw In These Bonuses FOR FREE!

✅ 💥 Bonus 1) Unlock The Complete Exercise Vault

-Upper Body Push

-Upper Body Pull

-Core Training

-Jumps & Plyometrics


-Medicine Ball Power

-Single Leg Strength

-Warm Up

-Lower Body Pull

-Lower Body Push

-Speed & Agility

✅ 💥💥 Bonus 2) Ebook + Video Tutorials: The Maximum Speed Body Prep Programs With Ryan Gallop & Carlin Isles, World’s Fastest Rugby Player.

✅ 💥 💥💥Bonus 3) Ebook + Video Tutorials: No Gym? No Problem! At Home Rugby Training Exercise Program + A Quick Guide To Athlete Nutrition

-Movement Flow & Soft Tissue Preparation

-Aerobic Conditioning

-Anaerobic Conditioning

-Hill Climbing Exercises

-Isolated Mobility

-Muscle Activation

-Primal Patterns & Active Stretch

-Jumps & Lunges

-Lower Body Strength

-Upper Body Core Circuit

-Plans & Prones

✅ 💥 💥💥💥Bonus 4) A Gift Certificate Of Either $10 or $20 value for Rugby Gear.

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